W8BAC   Mike in Shelby Township Michigan

Ham Radio at it's Best .. AM!

Amateur Radio station W8BAC is located in Shelby Township, Michigan. Shelby Township is 21 miles north of Detroit City center.

I was assigned the call sign WA6VTN in 1977 as a novice. I moved from Northern California to Detroit in 1998. In September of 2001 I purchased a Collins 20V-3 broadcast transmitter from a local ham and spent the next 3 years restoring it and collecting the parts and components necessary to build my AM station. After a 3-year search I finally found the original owner of this transmitter, WBAC, 1340 kHz in Cleveland, Tennessee. WBAC purchased this rig new in 1962 and it was in 24/7 service until it was retired in 1997.

As a tribute to WBAC, I applied for and was granted, the vanity call sign W8BAC in 2004. After 35 years of service I believe this transmitter has become accustomed to having the letters WBAC repeated every 10 minutes. It’s my humble pleasure to comply.

As you navigate through this website you can view most photos that you see in higher resolution. Just hover your mouse over the photo and left click it. This includes the pictures at the top of each page. Enjoy your visit to the W8BAC web site and if you have any question or comments please drop me an email ... 73 Mike