W8BAC   Mike in Shelby Township Michigan


Most of the pictures of the transmitter restoration are on film. The resolution is poor but if anybody wants more information I’ll gladly show you. Below are digital stills taken while moving the transmitter to the basement.

Before you attempt this do yourself a big favor. Build a mockup of the equipment first and practice the move completely ahead of time. This will help you find the tight spots and help plan the job.

 Better to have a crew moving forward with the job than waiting for a doorway to be chopped out or at worst case, getting stuck halfway down a staircase and having to reverse course.

My mockup was built from 2X2 material and screwed together. It weighed in at 40 pounds and with it I was able to plan the entire move. Much easier moving a 40 pound mockup than a 750 pound cabinet. 

I hired a company that moves gun safes into homes. On moving day 5 guys riding Harleys showed up. I went through a practice run with the mockup and showed them how the move would be done. Now into the house we go.