W8BAC   Mike in Shelby Township Michigan

The mockup showed me I had to remove the last two treads from the stares and the bottom landing. Once removed I reinforced the remaining steps with a floor jack.


It was a tight fit but the move down the steps went very smooth. A 750 pound transmitter was light compared to a gun safe of equal size. At the bottom of the steps the rig had to be laid down and rolled under the center steel beam and stood back up at just the right place to clear the floor joists above. Rolling the transmitter on its side, under the beam and upright to its new home was done with 1” schedule 40 PVC pipe cut into 4 foot lengths. I think I used 6 total rollers and as the transmitter rolled off one it was moved to the front and so on. Simple and effective.


The transmitter now sits on a 2X2 frame salvaged from the mockup which holds the rig up high enough to pass all of the connecting wire under the chassis and up into the cabinet as it was originally planned.