W8BAC   Mike in Shelby Township Michigan

The first two photos are of the centerpiece of my basement shack. This is a Collins 20V-3 AM broadcast transmitter which has been converted to the amateur radio bands, 160 through 10 meters, featuring band switching and tunable output section. The weight of this transmitter is 1150 pounds. Physical dimensions are 6'4" tall 38" wide and 27" deep. The 20V-3 was manufactured by the broadcast division of Collins Radio in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the same company that produced so much of the early AM and SSB gear used by the military and revered by hams. 20V-3 production spanned the early to mid 1960's and was the last of the tube type broadcast transmitters that Collins made. 

On the left is where the audio processing is done.  The equalizer is an Orban 672A combination graphic and parametric system. Above that is  an Orban Optimod AM 9200. Not shown here is a Behringer DSP-2024 Virtualizer Pro, which adds a slight reverb effect.