W8BAC   Mike in Shelby Township Michigan

This is the main operating position. The microphone is a Rode K2 large diaphragm tube type condenser microphone. The mixer is an old Collins 212B-2 tube type mixer. Above that is an REA modulation monitor. The modulation monitor is essential for keeping the transmitter modulation adjusted properly.  To the right of that  is my Alpha 374 A linear amplifier.  On the top shelf is an HP frequency synthesizer.

Beyond the the microphone you can see a computer monitor, showing the Flex SDR-1000 interface. The Flex is the exciter for the 20V-3 and also my main receiver.

To the right is another picture of the Rode microphone and the Collins mixer.

Behind the main operating postion is my vintage station. A Johnson Viking II with a 122 VFO is used for transmitting. The receiver is a Collins 75A-4.